Many businesses, both large and small, regularly engage in business transformation projects for varying reasons. More often than not it is as a result of keeping ahead of the fast-changing business and regulatory environment in which we work. At some point every company gets the ‘change bug’ in an effort to deliver leaner, smarter, cheaper and better. Why? Well, two key aims are either a better customer experience aligned to your value proposition, or the opportunity to carve more profit out of the business. Once this transformation is started, it is often never finished. The adage ‘the only constant is change’ is becoming regularly announced by the Leadership Team, Operations, HR and Directors and all too often their most important business asset isn’t brought along for the ride.

If there is one business perspective that must understand not only the why but also the how it is your People. People are really the only function within the business who can affect any change. Sure they use IT, Systems, Processes and Numbers to drive the change, but it is driven by and greatly affects the People who are the only true vital component of your business. Lets face it, without people all of your HR headaches would go away. However the flip-side is that in reality your business in it’s current state wouldn’t actually exist. Love it or loath it, your people need to know the answers to at least these three questions which will go a long way to help bring them along for the ride:

  1. Why are you changing the business; what is the result you are trying to achieve?
  2. How are you going to do it; what has to change or will be affected in my everyday and very comfortable life here?
  3. Will it be measured; how does my effort contribute to the overall goals you are trying to achieve?