Ever wondered why you haven’t heard back from a recruiter or potential employer on your job application?   Ever considered it might be the design of your resume?   If you haven’t designed your resume for electronic transmission it will be more than likely turn up in a format that was nothing like what you intended.  Busy recruiters do not have time to sit and reformat your resume before presenting it to a potential client.     Sit back and do an audit of the design of your resume.  The biggest question to ask is have you over-formatted your resume?  Do not use tables – even to organise your information, even with no borders.   Tables are very difficult for modern recruitment systems to read and access relevant information.     Keep it simple, no fancy fonts, no graphics (unless you are going for a graphic designer role), left aligned only and use bullet points.   Don’t include hyperlinks to webpages for past businesses you worked for as they rarely work.    Good luck with your job search and if you have any questions regarding recruitment, particularly in the financial services industry, give Christine at Jenner Recruitment a call on 0447 444 505.