Pay attention to the person NOT the resume!

Resumes…..puff pieces that overstate the obvious…lets face it…you either have the experience and qualifications or you don’t.

Now…think of a situation in which you are a hiring manager, you have advertised a vacant position and received over a hundred applications in response. You work your way through and weed out those who have little or no skills or experience relating to the position and you are left with a list of the strongest candidates. You are also left with the task of deciding who you would like to meet with to learn more about. On what basis do you make this decision? Do you consider only those who have worked in the industry the longest and have included the key words from the position description in their application, or do you take a broader view and look for signs that the applicant will be the right cultural fit for your business?

A “right fit” is where the passions, talents and values of the individual match those of the organisation. You’ll recognise these candidates immediately because they will come to your first meeting with ideas to share. They will show you that not only are they creative, but proactive and willing as well. Where the fit is right, and everyone is in sync, candidates will adjust more quickly, feel more satisfied and remain within the organisation longer.

At Jenner Recruitment we believe that cultural fit is one of the most important considerations in the selection of candidates. It is not something that can be taught, and although skills and experience are important elements in the selection process, selecting a candidate whose values are aligned with those of the organisation is one of the most effective ways to ensure performance and retention.

Through having over 34 years combined experience within the Financial Services market, you can contact Jenner Recruitment to take advantage of our established industry networks and relationships and let us find the candidate with the best cultural fit for your organisation!

And remember, just because someone can do the job with their eyes closed doesn’t necessarily make them an ideal candidate for your organisation.